New Inpatient Stroke & Neurovascular Unit and Outpatient Day Unit (TAMS)

Dr. Frank Silver and Dr. Leanne Casaubon are part of the Krembil Neuroscience Center in Toronto Western Hospital.

“We designed our neurovascular unit based on extensive research that shows stroke units in hospitals improve patient outcomes,” said Dr. Frank Silver. This in-patient unit contains 20 beds for patients with stroke and neurovascular conditions. These patients will be cared for in an organized and designated stroke unit which can reduce death and disability.

In addition to this, a day unit for transient ischemic attacks (TIA) and minor strokes was formed, known as the TAMS Unit. This is Toronto’s only day-unit, its development led by Dr. Leanne Casaubon. The stroke team at Krembil Neuroscience Center strongly believes that this is an effective way at assessing and treating patients.

“The key to caring for these patients is getting tests done urgently to identify conditions that predispose patients to a higher risk of stroke and that warrant specific treatments, or to confirm there is no imminent danger of a major stroke. Furthermore, it is important that we educate patients about stroke and stroke prevention, including lifestyle changes and treatments for stroke risk factors,” said Dr. Leanne Casaubon.

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