As of April 2012, the DOC study has been underway at Sunnybrook! DOC is a study assessing post-stroke comorbidities in patients, including depression, obstructive sleep apnea, and cognitive impairment. This study will determine the effectiveness of a quick 5 minute screening tool for these comorbidities by comparing the results to a 1 hour gold standard test assessing patients’ mood and memory. The screen’s ability to predict future outcomes in patients, including hospitalizations, recurrent stroke, and death will also be investigated in this study.

At the end of April 2012, we completed the data collection for our Countdown Lights to Optimize Quality in Stroke care (CLOQS) – Quality Improvement study. The purpose of the study is to determine whether the addition of large “in your face” visual cues (LED timers) in the ER can reduce door-to-CT and door-to-needle times in stroke patients.

The Weight Times Strategy study is a simple, low-cost intervention to improve safety in patients receiving thrombolysis for acute stroke. The study involves implementing weight scales in the ER/CT to accurately measure patient weight with minimal transfer, in order to directly improve quality of care by administering more accurate dosage of tPA during code strokes.