Missions, Values, Goals

Mission Statement:
The UTSP will combine the resources, strengths and patient populations of the three separate University of Toronto Stroke Centres (St. Michael’s Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and University Health Network) to become one of the leading academic stroke programs in North America.

Vision Statement:
The vision of the UTSP is to establish the University of Toronto as an international leader in stroke clinical practice, research and education.


Education & Knowledge Transfer
To lead in the creation and transfer of knowledge that will improve stroke care within the university and in the broader health care system

To ask and answer questions that current evidence-based medicine and best-practice guidelines do not, or cannot, address

To develop and validate innovative stroke diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that can improve the outcome of patients with stroke

Clinical and System
And to develop innovative methods of stroke service delivery that will maximize opportunities to implement proven therapies, improve efficiency, patient safety and quality of care

Our involvement:

  • Primary and secondary stroke prevention
  • Emergency treatment of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke
  • Management of transient ischemic attacks (TIA)
  • Clinical epidemiology of stroke
  • Stroke & health policy
  • Health services delivery & knowledge translation
  • Clinical trials including acute, preventative and protective therapeutics
  • Stroke recovery and rehabilitation
  • Stroke & cognition
  • Novel imaging tools for both brain parenchyma and blood vessels
  • Stroke in the young
  • Stroke in pregnancy
  • Gender issues in stroke