Co-op Placements

The University of Toronto Stroke Program has been actively involved in the Co-operative Education Program with the University of Waterloo since 2010. We have supervised over 30 students in their co-operative education work terms ranging from 4-8 months in length at our 3 centres across the city.

Summer Studentships

A number of opportunities are available for undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience during the summer term across our sites. If interested, please contact Samantha Senyshyn at least 1 month prior to the application deadline listed in the table below to see what projects may be available.

Funding Opportunity SB UHN STM Term
Brain Sciences Χ May/June-August
SRI Summer Χ May/June-August
Keenan Summer Student Program Χ May/June-August
Canadian Stroke Network Summer Studentship Χ Χ Χ May/June-August

SB: Sunnybrook UHN: Toronto Western Hospital (University Health Network) STM: St. Michael’s Hospital

For application deadlines, please click on the appropriate links for more information.

Summer studentships are dependent on project availability as well as funding and may not be offered every term.


Opportunities at different sites are available according to local needs and projects.

If you are interested in becoming a research volunteer, please contact Samantha Senyshyn.