Systolic/ Diastolic
Normal 120-129/ 80-84
High-normal 130-139/ 85-89
High blood pressure (measured in a doctor’s office) 140/ 90
High blood pressure (measured at home with home monitoring device) 135/ 85
High blood pressure for people with diabetes 140/ 90

It is important to keep blood pressure within the normal range because high blood pressure weakens and damages the arterial walls over time. It also causes the heart to do more work than necessary and gradually weakens it. Abnormally high blood pressure may even cause blood vessels in the brain to rupture.

Please speak with your medical professional if your blood pressure measurement is higher than the normal range on three separate occasions. Diet control, exercise and smoking cessation are effective in preventing high blood pressure. Antihypertensive medications can also be prescribed by your medical doctor in conjunction to lifestyle modification.

For more information on hypertension, please visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario here.

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