Stroke Prevention Clinics (SPC)

The University of Toronto Stroke Program is associated with the Stroke Prevention Clinics across its three hospital sites.

Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinics (SPC) are an integral part of stroke care and prevention, serving the needs of patients who have had a stroke or transient ischemic attack, as well as those who are at high risk of developing stroke.

What to expect at your SPC appointment:

  • A complete and thorough medical history and neurological examination
  • Timely assessment to diagnose and treat of stroke risk factors
  • Optimization of stroke management
  • Education for patients and their caregivers

In order to book an SPC appointment, a referral must be sent to the respective SPC listed below. The referral can be made by family physicians, emergency room physicians or other physicians or hospitals in the region. Please click on the links for the contact information of each SPC.