Toronto Stroke Rehabilitation Programs

Toronto Rehab is a leader in stroke rehabilitation. They have received a Program of Distinction from Accreditation Canada for their leadership and excellence in stroke rehabilitation. For more information regarding their rehabilitation services, please visit here.

St. John’s Rehab offers a Stroke & Neurological Rehabilitation program for patients who exhibit functional deficits caused by stroke and other neurological diseases. Using individually customized programs for each patient, St. John’s aims to address health, social, and emotional challenges. This program is Aphasia-friendly. Please visit their website here.

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In addition, there are many activities stroke patients could perform at home to aid their recovery process in conjunction to rehabilitation. These activities include:

  • Picking up pennies and place them in a jar for fine motor activities
  • Weight shifting from one leg to another for balance
  • Stretching arms and hands for flexibility and range of motion
  • Dividing complex household tasks into simpler components and practicing for each component
  • Doing reading and writing exercises with books, newspaper or magazines
  • Developing cues to remember certain words
  • Playing video games like Wii and Playstation