CT Scan

CT (Computed Tomography) Scan

Also known as a CAT scan, a CT scan is a primary imaging exam done on the majority of stroke patients. A CT scan involves the use of a machine in which you will undergo X-ray imaging. The X-rays images appear as slices of your brain, one after another. This is extremely beneficial to physicians because they then can identify possible brain abnormalities that may not be identifiable on the surface. In many cases, CT scans are combined with angiographies (known as a CTA) by introducing a dye into the arteries so that during the CT scan the blood vessels can be clearly seen as well, rather than just the brain tissue. CT scans give a preliminary view to physicians of any blockages, bleeding, or death of any brain tissue, and can quickly allow physicians to setup a plan for immediate treatment.

CT Scan Example

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To take a CT scan, you will lie down on a flat bed which will then move into a large CT scan machine. While in the machine numerous X-ray images will be taken from various angles. You must ensure that you are completely still while the scan is taking place in order to prevent any obstruction to the images.