UTSP Secretariat

Program Manager

Natalie Rashkovan, MHSc

Natalie joined the UTSP in 2011, having spent the past 10 years coordinating multiple research initiatives at different organizations in the GTA. Natalie obtained her Masters of Health Sciences degree at the University of Toronto in 1992, and began her career with in-depth training in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), an approach to problem-solving and process improvement that continues to influence her decision making style to this day. At the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care – Finance and Information Services Branch, Natalie worked in many capacities, including CCC lead, revamping the Hospital Operating Plan process and on the development of a variety of alternative funding formulas for hospitals. More recently, Natalie worked in various research roles in both Oncology and Ethics at Sick Kids. As UTSP Program Manager, Natalie hopes to play a role in establishing a renowned organization, reflective of the strength and expertise of its members.